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Christmas is in the Air

Since the middle of October, students have been working on Christmas music, while they were preparing for the Halloween Event. The studio has been very busy working and planning for a potential Christmas event. In fact, while I was teaching lessons, my wife and kids put up the Christmas tree, decorating it with care. They even found some decorations to add to the studio.

Some of the preparation has been deciding the location of the studio event, getting a sound, visual and video technician. Thinking about the process of creating a program. Practicing and making videos to post on YouTube the past two days. In fact, thank you, Jesus, was able to post over 12 videos on our YouTube page, plus making vocal tracks for our voice students to practice with. What a great time of the year to share amazing music. I'm also planning to play for two events at a local Botanical Gardens in less than a month. Our acting and voice students have been working on a short script of the Nutcracker and another script about Santa's Cookie Problem. Everyone has been working so hard. Couldn't be more proud of everyone.

With all the work, just wanted to say thanks for all everyone's support this year. You're a blessing to our community. Thanks for all your encouragement. Hoping that this year will be an amazing time to play, sing and act.


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