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Everyone Has a Part and Being Humbly as a Business Owner

Our pastor has a said for many years and I've heard it from other ministers that there are 3 parts to getting work accomplished. God's part, other peoples part and our part. This statement has stuck with me more, especially in this last year since March 2020. God opened up opportunities that I couldn't even imagine with online lessons, online studio events and even being able to accompany for the school district at the end of the year.

Saturday and Monday (today), I've been putting up fliers about the Charlie and Chocolate Factory Camp at local businesses. Everyone here is so supportive with anything local. I'm trying to do my part as best as I can.

The other thing is owning a business is "humbling". It keeps you "grounded". Our business doesn't provide basic needs: food, shelter, transportation. Yet I'm thankful for those who have supported our business. Their support is a blessing and very humbling. All I want to say is keep doing your part and always stay humble with all that you do. Not hang your head in shame, yet not being arrogant. It's a balance. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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