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Getting Ready for a Studio Halloween Event

In the almost 10 years of teaching lessons through the studio, we have always done events at our church or a small amount of times we've done some community event, which is always fun. With the pandemic, we have only done one event in the summer time with voice and acting students with an outside event. The students performed in the car port while our audience sat in the back yard with their lawn chairs.

In a couple weeks we're going to do one of our largest outside event ever. Our voice and acting students are sharing some music from the Nightmare Before Christmas and other songs. Really looking forward to the opportunity to demonstrate what the students have been working on with our second outdoor event. In the afternoon our local and online students will be sharing some of their favorite Halloween songs they have been working on. We'll hopefully have the online students sharing their music using a projector and screen. Everyday I'm learning how to make the upcoming event a success. Hoping and believing that all will go well. What are you doing for a fall event? If the weather is great are you doing an outside event or are you inside? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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