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Go Tell It on the Mountain Jazzy Version

Two years ago the kids at our church sang the popular Christmas Carol Go Tell It on the Mountain, which brought on the idea of creating a fun jazzy arrangement of this song. The song was written by John Wesley Work Jr, about 1865, explaining what the Shepherds experienced when the Angels came to tell them the great new of Jesus' birth. The song has been recorded and performed in various genres: jazz, traditional, gospel, rock. The carol was even sang at Civil Rights Movements in the 1950's.

After hearing the kids sing the song, I decided to create a version that would be fun to play, add some jazz, extreme dynamics and staccatos to get the audiences attention. The arrangement is created for early Intermediate level. Plus the introduction has a bit of an 80's TV sitcom feel, with the syncopated rhythms. With Christmas coming up very soon, perhaps you or a student could demonstrate this fun one page short song for an event or personally play. Hope it inspires you or your students to play and perhaps help them create music on their own. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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