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Halloween Acting Games

The month of October our acting students have been playing tons of Halloween Games. They are enjoying using their creativity with the Halloween games. When you go the website, go to the Acting Games and find the Fall and Halloween Ideas. These are games I've created over the years. Some are PowerPoints with silly themes of peculiar candy ideas, would you dress your cat in these costumes and everything Pumpkin Spice. Please check them out.

One is called Unusual Creatures, which is great to get students to improv with Halloween creatures who have very "unusual" behaviors. A dizzy spider, a tired mummy, a giggling vampire, a black cat who dies hair white and many more. Have those who participate pretend to be these characters who are a bit unbalanced or not themselves. Your students will love it. Here's the link:

Yet one of the favorite games is called Halloween Acting Games from ninasays. com. Yet the website doesn't appear to exist. These game always gives everyone who participate a belly laugh. You pick one of the cards and act out the ridiculous theme, which will make you laugh out loud. Some of the examples are Ghost with a sugar high, Opera singing Frankenstein, a Boogie Man giving away candy and many more bizarre behaviors of the famous creatures. What are some of your favorite acting games for Halloween? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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