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Happy Halloween

In honor of Halloween wanted to share a brand new song by Jason Siffort from the piano book called Strange Sounds, through Willis Music. This brand new song is one I will teach even after Halloween. Sifford creates a song called Lupus Ululat (Latin: the wolf howls), where he is created a song with "crazy tempos" throughout the piece and various dynamics. The song is in A Harmonic Minor, plus extra accidentals that make the song sound eerie and creepy. Sifford starts the song at piano with an ostinato in the left hand for the first two lines, with a melody in the right hand will stick in your head. Lines 3 and 4 use arpeggios of F minor and E Major chords, which is always great to play and teach.

The second section is called the chase, where the bpm start go from 108 on the first page to 152 bpm. He uses thirds in the melody of the right hand, while the left hand plays A then E or A to F, using eighth notes. He then goes back to the arpeggios of eighth notes. The last lines the bpm change to 200, a Presto section of a descending A Minor scale, plus ended with an intense ending of FF of an A Minor scale.

If you are looking for a fun way to get students to progress with arpeggios, ostinatos, drastic tempo changes, then Lupus Ululat is going to be an amazing song for you to play and teach. Hope you have a safe and Happy Halloween.

What are some new songs you want to teach your students that might be bizarre? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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