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How To Train Your Dragon Arrangements

This year I've have a few students state their interest in learning how to play the Main Theme to How To Train Your Dragon called Test Drive. At this point a Easy Piano book called How to Train Your Dragon Music from the Motion Picture through Hal Leonard is all that I can find at this point for our piano students. Yet it's a bit big. A few weeks ago I found an arrangement that I've been teaching a bit the past couple of week that has the simple melody, plus a few chords at the end. The arrangement is from This simple arrangement is perfect for beginner piano students. Check out the YouTube I created and look for this simple song to teach your students. They will love it.

Also in the past couple weeks a student started watching a Tutorial of Test Drive on YouTube and was able to learn the melody. So I decided to create a one page version of the song to help student who want to play the main melody with chords in the left hand. This has been a treat to create and the student really loves it. Here is the YouTube and you can find the music under the piano music section of the website. Hope you like it.

What are some of your students favorite songs that you can arrange quickly? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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