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Instant Piano Songs Disney Favorites

Last year I came across a book that I used a bit, yet this week has become one of the most popular books so far. The book is a cross between a lead sheet, yet it actually shows chords light written in the Bass Clef. Students can either learn to play the melody in the right hand or add the chord inversions suggestions. Will say that it does include note names, which I'm not always a fan of, yet this week the songs the students are learning has been helping them out very well. If you're looking for some ideas to teach chords, check this book out. Totally worth having in your collection. Besides playing the whole note chords, they do include other options of arpeggios in the Bass Clef, which are great to teach. I've included three YouTubes also. Hope you like them. What are some of your favorite Disney songs? Would like to know. Thanks for your support.


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