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Love Tacos and Piano Music

I'm about to admit to you my "weakness" and perhaps you have the same appetite for tacos as I do. It's bad. When my wife asks what I would like to eat, the majority of the time I would say tacos. I love tacos, burritos, taco burgers, sancho's and chips and salsa. Tex Mex is my weakness. Hopefully I haven't made you hunger.

Yet I also love piano music and in the last couple years I found a fun song called Taco Dance by Jennifer Linn from Hal Leonard. I've taught the song a few times, yet decided to make a video of the song. This song is for Early Intermediate, where Linn creates a "Spanish medley" that is toe tapping, filled with diverse dynamics, triplets, some 16th notes, a trill and the ending is the best with C and D minor chords going back and forth with the hands. I'm really glad to find a fun song that is filled with many different musicality's that are perfect for students. If you're looking for a fun song, please consider adding this song to your collection. You and your students will love it, plus it might make you want to celebrate Taco Tuesday more. Have you been learning any new songs recently? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings


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