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Mary Did You Know Lead Sheet

A few weeks ago a parent shared that she wanted her son to learn Mary Did You Know by Buddy Greene and Mark Lowery. This is one of my favorites growing up in church. The story line is beauty, as the singer asks Mary if she had an idea of all that her son Jesus would do for the world.

So I looked through the music I have to find something at or a bit above the students level. I could not find anything, either too easy or more than we have talked about. So I quickly put an arrangement together and wanted to share about the lead sheet option. This arrangement uses some of the chords from the original song in A minor. With lead sheets you can teach the melody with just the bass note, 5th (root and 5ths), full chords and inversions. The options are endless. I created a video with chords and inversions, yet you could try any way that works for you or your students. Lead sheets are great ideas for students to succeed with another area of playing an instrument. Plus it's tons of fun.

Here is the link to the lead sheet.

What are you creating for your students? Would like to know. Thanks for your support.


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