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Moonlight Sonata Arrangement

I have to admit that I just found an arrangement of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata that is teachable for the students that I currently have. I wish I had found this arrangement many years ago, yet I would say that I found it in early this month. The song comes from Piano Pronto, arranged by Jennifer Eklund. The song is created so the students learn the basic tune, yet uses tons of repetition, which is perfect for anyone.

Jennifer Eklund creates a version in the key of E Minor, with a few extra accidentals. She uses a simple pattern in the Bass Clef with a broken chord of E, G, B; which is prominently for the first and third page. The melody is only one note in the Treble Clef, which is great to help students develop the confidence playing the song confidently. She uses several other chords in the Bass Clef: F Major, G Major, D7, B7 and A minor. All of the arpeggio chords are are easy to teach students the chord inversions. The melody on the first page in the Treble Clef is later presented in the third page of the Bass Clef, with a fun technique of hand crossing. The right hand crosses the left hand and plays the same melody. So when they learn the first page, the student will know most of the third page. She ends with an E Minor arpeggio that ascends to a high E. Love how a student can play a mature song, that sounds full, yet is perfect for a student who is learning notes and chords on the piano. If you looking for an option of a famous classical song, please go to and get this song. Totally worth having in your collection. Students will love and want to play the song many times.

What are some popular songs that you like to teach, with arrangements that help students feel successful? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.

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