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Last month I learned of an arranger who is making piano sheet music of popular movie themes. The composer goes by PianoSSam. The person appears to be anonymous while searching on Google, yet does have a YouTube page and creates works for Specifically I've been focusing on his "beginner" versions, yet to be honest, the songs contain dotted quarter, sixteenth note and various notes and rhythms that we may not talk about with beginner student. Yet the students are really enjoying the songs from PianoSSam, because the beginner music does have note names in the song. Which is helpful for students wanting to learn a popular movie song quicker. Here. is the link to the YouTube page.

The link of the options.

PianoSSam does piano solos from beginner to intermediate and possibly above it. The songs are worth checking out. Would like to know if you have used PianoSSam's music before? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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