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New Christmas Musicals and Movies

Just wanted to take a moment that in the midst of last minute preparations for our studio event, our family have been watchings some new Christmas movies and musicals. Perhaps when I get a chance, I can share more about the movies. Yet wanted to give a short list to consider. Three are on Netflix and another was just shown on Dec 9th on NBC.

The first one is called Christmas on the Square starring Dolly Parton as an Angel trying to save a small town from a rich realtor who wants to sell the little town to become a mall. Of course Dolly Parton wrote the inspiring music. This heartfelt movie is worth watching.

The second is Christmas Chronicles 2, where the cast in the previous film, plus Goldie Hawn gets to take the reins as Mrs Claus. The story of a girl who tries to run away from her problems, only to get involved in a elf villain plot to save Christmas. Totally worth watching.

The third one is Alien Xmas about an alien who named X who wants more in his life, yet he must believes his "culture and aliens" are right by destroying Christmas. The animated film is a stop motion movie that might just become a favorite for your family.

The last was shown on December 9th with the Grinch Musical on NBC, sharing music from the classic cartoon, Jim Carrey version and more new songs that will make you want to dance for joy and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.

Of course I still love White Christmas, yet I'm learning about new Christmas films and musicals that will become new favorites? What are some of your new and older favorites? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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