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Ocean Breezes

In the last few months I came across the 2 piano duet that is great, since last weekend we just finished off our Ocean's Project. The students did an outstanding job playing and singing songs about the ocean and acting to scenes from The Little Mermaid. What a treat.

Just wanted to share this intermediate 2 piano duet, which is tons of fun by Beatrice Miller from Alfred Music. The legato melody is so prominent throughout the song, filled with quarter and eighth notes. Both of the piano parts get the melody throughout the song, plus extra themes that are repeated. The song is filled with dynamic contrasts with the first chord as forte and the last three beats are piano in the measure. Really like this part of the song. Each player gets an opportunity to shine and still accompany the other pianist. If you're looking for a fun duet to put together quickly, please check out this song. Totally worth learning and playing the selection. What are some songs you're learning to play? Would enjoy hearing what you're working on. Thanks for your support. Blessings.

Here is the link to song page:


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