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Olympic Practice Event

With the Opening Ceremonies last Friday, I had an idea of doing a Practice Challenge for our in person and online voice, piano and acting students. I divided the students based on age groups and whoever plays the piano, sings and acts the most from Monday February 7th-12th will win a prize. Working on the prize idea though. Here are some of the decorations in the studio. Everyone is really enjoying the extra decorations.

The piano students are working on notes on the staff with Wendy Steven's Olympic Cards, on Here's the link: The games reinforce staff notes to match with the musical alphabet cards, intervals, steps/skips/repeated notes. The past two days the students have really enjoyed the game with the staff cards.

Plus the past couple days I created two short Olympic Composing Activities. This first one is designed for those who know notes from Bass C (2nd space) to Treble G (2nd line). They just need to fill in the empty two measures. Again I used Musescore and I can't take the whole rests out, yet they can write over or by them. The second composing is for those learning notes Bass A (5th line) to Treble E (1st line). These are simple ways to get students composing.

Here are the links:

What are you doing to celebrate the Olympics with your students? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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