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Piano Music Students Are Loving

So blessed in almost ten years of teaching piano lessons that I will always admit that I'm still learning. The music I've shared with our piano students have certainly changed since we stated ten years ago, yet when you find music that students love and connect with then you know that they are being inspired to play more. Wanted to take a moment to share some songs that students have been wanting to play, that I hope will help your students succeed to their ultimate potential, making them sound like "mature" pianist.

The first new song for me is called The Bold Escape from Wendy Stevens at This is a song that she wrote which was inspired by a kids suspenseful adventure book called On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness. (Never heard of the book, yet might check it out for our kids). The song starts with a bold sound where the student play a very low C and G together while playing a C and G in the right hand above it. They go up to the next three C and G's, then play the lower C and G in the Bass Clef while playing F and Middle C going up to the next three F and C's. The entire song is played with the pedal. The melody is tons of fun in the C position, with varies dynamics that will get the audiences attention. The song sounds very mature for a beginning piano player. Everyone who plays this song will certainly hear the intensity of someone escaping from danger. Really worth getting the song for your studio.

Another song that students really like to learn is I Just Can't Wait to be King from the Lion King. The version for beginner piano students is from Faber's Disney PreTime Piano Primer Level. The arrangement is great for students who are learning Bass G (4th space) to Treble E (1st line). Plus at the end students play a C/G chord in the Bass Clef, which is always exciting to see students play chords so quickly. The arrangement does have four E flats, to help students play something new. Yet the Faber's provide visuals to help students see where E flat is at on the top of the page. What a great idea for visual learners. Of course it comes with a fun duet, which always makes the song sound fuller. The book has some other favorite Disney Songs worth checking out.

The last song was created by my son, who has been playing piano for many years. In the past couple years he's been reading Dog Man and he was inspired to create a song about a Dog Hero Theme Song. He really enjoyed showing me the song and of course he was delighted when I wrote the song out and even created a YouTube. You can find the song in the original music on the Piano Music section of our site. Hope this song inspires your students to create something that they enjoy. He was certainly proud of the dynamics, the "big sounding chords" and long fermata at the end of the song. This is a great song that I'm very proud of him creating.

Hope you like some of these songs that will hopefully inspire and help your students succeed to their ultimate potential. What are some songs on your list that you like to teach and know that students will love to play? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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