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Piano Nursery Rhyme Arrangement

One of the may parts of learning to play piano is learning the notes on the Grand Staff. Over the years I've played games and showed students songs to help them know the notes well. I will say that currently most of our students are learning C, D and E in the Bass Clef. Usually I find short songs that use that will have C, D or E with basic rhythms to help the students learn the notes well. We will spend time reviewing with games with the new notes.

Yet today I decided to create a songs called Bass Clef Nursery Rhyme which include: Mary Had a Little Lamb, Hot Cross Buns and Itsy Bitsy Spider. The medley focusing specifically on Bass Clef C, D and E., with some F's and G included. I hope that this song might help your students understand where the notes are located on the staff. We spend a lot of time reinforcing the notes either through the musical alphabet or acronyms of the lines and spaces. I prefer to teach the musical alphabet, yet I use the lines and spaces sayings to help a student succeed to their ultimate potential. Hopefully the arrangement is easy for your students to locate where the notes are, while playing recognizable songs that kids and adults would hopefully know. The fingering is simple using all five fingers in the Bass Clef, in the C position. Hope that this helps you. Go to the Piano Sheet Music for this selection. What are some of your favorite ways to introduce notes on the staff? What are some of your favorite songs to help students learn C, D and E in the Bass Clef? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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