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Preparing for Snow White Lite

This Thursday I'm trying something really crazy, yet hopefully it will work very well. Several months ago I came across a play called Snow White Lite, where they take the story of Snow White and do it in 20 minutes. The play is from Pioneer Drama in Englewood, Colorado. Jacob Dorn is the creator of this play, which is a hilarious perspective of the characters. Instead of having 7 dwarfs, Dorn uses five: Bossy, Silly, Meany, Jumpy and Snoozy. The characters present their titled name as identity. The Evil Queen is so vain and conceited, with a maniacal laugh. The Mirror is bored, wanting more in life than to repeat the same words: You're the fairest of them all. Snow White is humbly and willing to do the work the dwarfs ask without complaining.

Yet the exciting part are the costumes collected, which some belong to the studio, yet many are borrowed from friends and church. Here are a few small ideas for the dwarfs.

The Evil Queen.

The Prince.

Snow White.

Dwarf Signs.

The camp will be an opportunity to help those interested in theater learn a show very quickly. I'm hoping and praying all goes well. What are some theater ideas you're trying this summer. Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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