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Shark Week Grand Staff and Piano Keys Game

My entire family, including my parents, went on vacation last week to Tulsa, Oklahoma. We had a blast visiting the Zoo, Discovery Labs, and Gathering Place and our favorite part was the Aquarium in Jenks. While at the Aquarium I learned this week is Shark Week, where Marine Biologists celebrate the lives of sharks. Movies and TV shows are available to watch this week too.

Here are pics of the Bull Sharks they have at the Aquarium.

Shark Week brought on an idea for my first attempt at making Grand Staff Flash Cards and Piano Keys with a shark image, using Canva. My favorite part is that I'm still learning how to create games on Canva.

I was able to create shark Musical Alphabet Cards, Piano Keys, and the Grand Staff with the shark image on it. Here is the link. Print off the piano keys, and grand staff and you will need to print off 3 sets of the Musical Alphabet Cards, plus an extra F and G. Thanks for your patience as I'm still learning. My favorite part is that I took a risk this Shark Week to try something new. Here is the link.

For those of you who have created Flash Cards, what product or company do you use? I would like to know. Thanks. Hope you enjoy the game and that helps your students be successful, assuring them of knowing their notes very well. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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