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Short Winter Composing

Early this week I had an idea about creating two short one page composing activity, to help students create music based on winter. I put the ideas on MuseScore and wanted to share them. (With MuseScore, I can't take the whole rests out. They will have to work around that part of the song. It's all good). Each of these composing activities will encourage writing a song and even creating lyrics that students will enjoy playing.

The first is called, Let's Make a Winter Song, where I created 4 of the 6 measures with C, D and E in the Treble Clef and A, B and C in the Bass Clef. The lyrics share how the weather is getting colder and we should write a song about it. I left the last 2 measures blank for the students to write the notes in. This is a great notation activity for those learning the notes on the staff. So far, I've had the students only use A-E, yet the can use what they know.

Here is the link:

The second is called a Minor Winter, where Late Elementary students can create a one page song with a minor melody, in the C minor position. I used 3rd's for most of the melody, yet students are welcome to create ideas using other notes. Maybe they want to add other accidentals, perhaps a Db or Gb to the song. They just need to fill in the four blank measures.

Here is the link:

How are you getting you Early and Late Elementary piano students to compose? Are you writing music? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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