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Some Newer Halloween Songs to Our Studio

The past few weeks I've obtain some newer Halloween songs for early elementary to early intermediate and I'm excited about something "fresh" for our students to learn. The songs might be older, yet new for our studio and that is always exciting. Wanted to share some of the songs, yet you can check out Andrew J. Young on Youtube for the videos not shared on the blogs.

The first one is called Zoom, Zoom, Witch's Broom, piano music by Nancy Faber and lyrics created by Jennifer MacLean. The Beginner reading Primer Level song is published by Faber and Hal Leonard. The story is a witch riding her broom across the moon, as she screams loudly. The witch, who has green hair, has encouraged the bats to join her to fly fast. (Which explains the zoom, zoom). The song is in A minor, allows students a chance to play major 3rd in the right hand as she is flying high in the sky. Nancy Faber includes different dynamics throughout the entire song. Plus the duet adds to the sound of the witch moving around on her broom and even includes grace notes. I'm so excited to share this song with students, knowing they will have tons of fun learning and playing the song well. Here's the YouTube.

Another new song for our studio is Spunky Spooks by Ladonna J. Weston, through Schaum Publishing. The early elementary song is also in the key of A Harmonic Minor, using G# and various dynamics that will be fun to teach students, with a fortissimo at the end. Weston includes staccatos, crescendos, sfv, that really give the students opportunities to play with musical concepts. Plus students are playing two note chords, which is great to build confidence to play chords so quickly. This song is worth checking out.

The last one for now is called Black Cat Boogie by Dennis Alexander, through Alfred Music. This jazzy song about someone more than elated to dance with a black cat. The lyrics are fun to read about the joy of dancing. The song is in C minor, yet using other accidentals. The song makes you want to dance, with a type of 50's boogie feel. The song is all over the piano, rocking and rollin'. Alfred describes the songs as:

"An energetic boogie pattern in the left hand propels this late elementary piece forward in a lively tempo. An excellent study in projecting the right-hand melody over the left-hand accompaniment, it also features scale-like figures that alternate between the hands."

The left hand boogie pattern is "energetic", using the 1, 4 and 5 chord progressions. The patterns in the left hand include lower C-G-(above)-F#-G: F-C-B-C and more. Really anticipating having a student play this song at our Halloween Event.

There are even more that I'm going to learn and hopefully share. What are some songs written a while ago, yet are new to you and your studio? Are you about to teach Fall and Halloween music? If so what are some of your favorites? Would certainly like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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