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Specked Frog Ideas for Beginner Piano Lessons

Last week during the lessons for my beginner piano students we did two short, fun activities about the Specked Frogs. We sang the song Five Little Specked Frogs, a short song about how each frog jumps into the water one at a time, after eating yummy bugs. We did subtraction, motions and engaged the kids to sing a song. Here is the YouTube I used.

After that we did an easy composing activity from The link is below. The short activity encourages students to create a song with C, D and E, yet I have them use others notes too. The students get to decide what hands they want to use in the composition, which is great for their independence. Here is the link with more descriptions.

What are easy ideas with your beginner piano students? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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