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Spider-Man No Way Home Piano Music

Two Christmas' ago my son and I went to see Spider-Man No Way Home. That is a blog in itself putting the three main Spider-Man characters in one movie, plus the villains. Yet wanted to share two of the slower songs from the film, created by Michael Giacchino. He is famous for a variety of films, including the Incredibles, Rogue One, the newer Jurassic films, The Batman and so many more. He's a talented composer and artist worth checking out.

One of the slower selections is called Being a Spider Bites, written in the key of A, is a beautiful one page selection that is a delight to play and teach. The melody flows well with arpeggios in the left hand. Giacchino creates a song that would have probably ended on an A chord, yet he decided to end the song on a E chord.

The second one is called Exit Through the Lobby, written in the key of A Harmonic minor, yet it s a very slow song, even slower than Largo. He starts the song with hands on a A minor chord of Middle C, yet the hands overlap each other. Probably my favorite part of the song. The dynamics are p, then mp and end with pp. The melody is haunting and eerie, which is repeated in octaves. The end is delineated as very slowly, which will get anyones attention. I'm really hoping to teach this song soon, since it's filled with disrate, spooky, creepy feeling.

Hopefully soon I can start working on other selections from this book by Hal Leonard. This is a great book to have for those who love movie music. What are some of your favorite movie song books? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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