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St Patrick's Day Piano and Acting Game Ideas

Starting last week, this week and next the students have been doing some fun St Patrick's Day games and wanted to share two ideas that I think might help.

The first is called Shamrock Notes, from Susan Paradis's website. The game is actually one that is played a lot throughout the year, not just on St Patrick's Day. The colorful Grand Staff game board shows that the game is tons of fun. Her goal is to help students learning notes on the staff with Skittles. Yes you heard me right: Skittles. Will say if you don't have Skittles, M&M's work great too. The board game comes with card that have notes on the Grand Staff, plus includes taking other players skittles, skip, reverse, eating one skittle from each players board and my favorite is eat all the Skittles on your board. The game ends with whoever has the most Skittles on the board. What an incredible idea to engage students in learning and remembering notes on the staff. This game is always a crowd pleaser. Check out her website for this fun game.

When it comes to acting lessons, we play tons of improv games. I created one called Famous Green Characters. You can use the game where students are given a few seconds and have to try act the famous character and have others figure it out. You could have two students talk about how much better their green character is. You can have the student share their "super power" as a green character. Some of the characters are the Hulk, Kermit the Frog, the Green Giant, Hornet, Slimer the Ghost, Godzilla and other characters. If you're looking for a fun game, please consider this game as an option to teach improv. You can find the game on the site with the acting games.

Hope this inspires and encourages you as you help students. What are some of your favorite St Patrick Games? Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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