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Stand By Me Arranged By Roger Emerson

One of the goals is to try to get our voice students to sing more, even for those in-person and online. I have wanted to try this arrangement and decided last December that move forward in January. The song written by Ben E King, Mike Stoller and Jerry Leiber, a song later made popular in the movie Ghost, is a great arrangement for men learning basic harmony.

The Bass part is very easy to learn (the range is from D-B below Middle C, just like the original song performed by Ben E King, with repetition throughout. The Tenors have the melody, that can get up to a high G above Middle C. The piano accompaniment is easy to play. The only thing is the quarter note triplets in the middle of the song with the oo's for the vocalist to learn. Yet this is a great song to work with a men's group. The students and I are working very hard on this song, where we want to make a video of us performing it. Not sure when we will get it done, yet thankful for a great goal with the vocalists we have.

If you're looking for an idea to put together, please consider checking out this Hal Leonard arrangement. Those who perform and hear it will enjoy the music immensely. What are you trying to do vocally with your students? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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