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Stunt Double Acting Game

One of my many favorite acting games is called Stunt Double. It's a simple game for two people, the actor and the of course the stunt double. The actor(ess) starts a scene and then "realizes" the stunt is a big and needs the double. The double on the other hand may not be amused, interested, bored, unhappy, elated, arguing and other emotions. Each scene is something that could have possibly happened in a movie. This is such a fun game for improv, helping the students succeed each time, plus the laughs that will occur. Since one of the actors may not know what to expect from the other actor. This game is totally worth checking into. You can find it under the acting and theater games called "Even More Stunt Doubles". What are some of your favorite games you like to play with your students? Have you done stunt double before? Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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