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Summer Camp FaceBook Links

This week I finally had a chance to create FaceBook Summer Camp events. I'm trying some very new things this summer that will "stretch" me in a good way. I'm planning on doing a one week Encanto Camp, where those who participate will learn music, harmonies, dances and South American Culture. Another week long camp is a 50's and 60's camp, where those who attend will learn songs from Rock, Roll and Remember a Tribute to Dick Clark and American Bandstand, plus other rock and roll songs from these decades. Plus I'm doing two camps that we'll meet for two hours and then put on a show. One is Snow White Lite, taking the story and doing the show in 20 minutes and a Pirate Comedy Skits, both from Pioneer Drama.

Here are the links:

The Encanto Camp is designed for ages 5-adults, where we'll learn the music, harmonies, costuming, Colombian culture, dances and more. So excited for those who participate.

This is a 2 hour camp, designed to help anyone who participates in learning how to put on a short play of Snow White in about 20 minutes. The story is hilarious and tons of fun. To make the show work, a total of 8 people are required. Please check out the details of a fun show.

This is a 50's and 60's vocal camp, where students will learn songs from the 2 part collection from Rock, Roll and Remember, a tribute to American Bandstand and Dick Clark. Those who participate will learn harmonies, various dances from these years, learning a men's and women's number, plus 2 extra dances. If you like 50's and 60's music, this camp is for you, from ages 5-adults. Check out the details from the event.

This is a 2 hour Pirate Camp, where students will learn very short sketches about silly things that pirates might experience. Costumes and props will be provided, yet would be great to know possible sizes for what I don't have. Need at least 5 to make the camp work, yet if we had up to 8- 10 people, that would be great. This short camp will be tons of fun

Please check these camps out and thanks for your support. Blessings.


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