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The Avengers

Must admit that more students are wanting learn how play super hero songs than ever. After researching and purchasing some options, students are really enjoying the movie music. They are even asking for more modern music of classic hero's. Since the Marvel Comics and D. C Comics are becoming more popular, students are wanting to learn more about the music. That is exciting and even inspiring.

So I decided to create a one page arrangement of the Avengers Main Theme, which I'm hoping will inspire you and your students to learn more music that excites, ignites and perhaps gets the students to play more. The arrangement created is the first section of the song in the key of A minor. I made sure the song was forte for the one page selection. The melody is in the right hand with a few harmonies in for both hands and ends on an A Minor chord. Students love to play basis chords quickly, making the songs sound full and fun, plus gives the students a sense of confidence. I hope this arrangement excites and helps encourage your students to play more. Find out what they like and teach from there. Check out the YouTube. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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