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The Mandaloran

Must admit that my son and I are addicted to the show, yet we still have at this point 3 more shows to finish off the 2nd season. I know we're a bit behind, yet we're trying. We are really enjoying the story line as the Mandaloran journeys to take a creature from danger to find freedom for his little "friend". The locations, props, sets, costuming, characters and even the music are phenomenal. The composer of the music Ludwig Gorransson, has written music for many movies, including Black Panter and many other movies. Students are really loving his music.

The main theme song has been very popular that I decided to create an easy arrangement of the song for a Later Elementary level. The song is in the original key of C minor, even though I didn't put it in the key signature. The left hand is filled with staccatos, while I keep the melody exactly as created by Gorransson. I gave some finger suggestions for the right hand, as the melody moves around the piano. Hope this song will inspire your students to learn movie music quickly. Plus I hope that you and your students will enjoy playing a fun song (you can find it under the piano music section of the site). Perhaps they will want to learn more music from the show. What are you arranging and creating? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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