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Trick or Treat Bucket Notes Game

The past weeks I've been trying to do some research about how to create a Halloween Board Game on Canva. After a few attempts, had a chance to get an idea how to make it work. I'm feeling blessed and grateful to always keep learning.

You and the student(s) will start at the A in the left hand corner and move around the the board, while picking flash cards from a Trick or Treat Bucket. You can either use piano notes, Grand Staff or both. After the flash cards are gone, who ever is closest to the finish line or beyond is the winner. I'm really looking forward to sharing how this game works with the students. Again any flash cards will work. Here is the link to the game board.

Here are the extra cards and link. Check it out.

What are some game ideas you're creating, that are stretching you? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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