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Two Beautiful Romantic and Late Romantic Period Piano Selections

Growing up playing piano, I was blessed to play some many songs. Now as a teacher, I get the chance to share these beautiful songs with my students.

Just learned a bit more background of the song To a Wild Rose, by Edward MacDowell from Wikipedia. Check what they wrote.

"Marian, (his wife) recalled how her husband would regularly write a few measures during breakfast — "like exercise" — before going off to the cabin. Normally, MacDowell discarded such fragments, and this particular morning he crumpled the paper and tossed it at the fireplace. He happened to miss the target, however, and rather than summarily throwing it away, Marian later picked up the paper, uncrumpled it, and looked it over. She played it at the piano and decided to keep it. When Edward later returned from the cabin she showed it to him and said: "This is a charming little melody." Edward looked at it anew and agreed, "It is not bad — very simple. It makes me think of wild roses near the cabin."

MacDowell apparently was inspired by the wild life around him to create such a lovely piece. Perhaps the next time you play or teach this song, you can share more of the behind-the-scenes of the music. So inspiring how a simple song can make such an impact during the Romantic Period.

Ballade by Friedrich Burgmuller is still one of my favorites to play in the key of C minor and C major. His song could possibly be played during Halloween with its ABA form. He starts in C minor, as he creates crescendo and decrescendos throughout the whole song. He incorporates accents, staccatos and sfz. In the Bass Clef, Burgmuller creates a "haunting" theme that will attract the listeners attention. Plus the B section in C Major, brings a beautiful lasting melody. This is a song that I to love playing.

What are some of your favorite Romantic and Late Romantic Period Pieces? Would certainly like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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