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Two More Christmas Songs

As we get closer to the upcoming Christmas, just wanted to share two more one page piano solos that are easy to put together in a few settings. I'm going to be honest and say that the two options are opposites, yet are fun for any student.

The first one is Breath of Heaven by Chris Eaton and Amy Grant, made popular by Amy Grant herself. She shares about Mary's experience of carrying baby Jesus and what could possibly happen. Mary expresses doubt and concern carrying this burden, yet is willing to adhere to the message from the angel. She asked God to give her the breath of heaven to follow His will. The melody is simple, yet I've shared some of the basics of dynamics and a breath mark in the middle of the song for the audience to pause. Perhaps the audience will pondering the great wonder to come. Really love Breath of Heaven so much. Always a favorite to listen by various artists sharing the gorgeous story.

The second obviously has a different perspective of Christmas, called Last Christmas by George Michaels. The song was performed by Wham! an amazing 80's band, who created a Christmas song about a broken heart. The person will resolution before next Christmas on who they will give their heart to next time. They could not handle another broken heart during Christmas. They needed a better future. The arrangement has four main chords in the key of C Major, making it easier for a student to play this chorus successfully. The rhythms includes syncopation of playing on the off beat. Yet with a bit of help, they will be successful.

These arrangements are under Piano Music in the Christmas section. Hope these selections encourage your students to play two fun songs in a couple settings. What are your plans for Christmas with your students? Would love to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings


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