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Two Short '50's and '60's songs

While preparing for the upcoming 50's and 60's Summer Project, had a chance to write out an arrangement of Twist and Shout performed by the Beatles and Jailhouse Rock. The one page songs consist of rhythms of quarter, eighth and whole notes.

Jailhouse Rock consists of one note in the Bass Clef and four in the Treble Clef. You will have to show and explain the ledger line note A in the Treble Clef and perhaps have the student listen to the song performed by Elvis Presley. Help the students understand the rhythm yet the song contains repetition, which will be helpful. Check out the video.

The second song is Twist and Shout, which a bit bigger than Jailhouse Rock, with rhythms and adding extra notes of G, A and B in the Bass Clef. Thankfully the song is repetitive like Jailhouse Rock, yet you may have to work with the students on it on the rhythm. The video is under the jpeg.

Both of these songs are under the piano sheet music. Here are the links.

Jailhouse Rock

Twist and Shout

What are some songs you're creating for your students? Do you have favorite '50's and '60's song? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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