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We Don't Talk About Bruno Piano Arrangements

Encanto has been the most watched movie in our home recently. Our kids love the story and music. In fact my son is "begging" for an Encanto Summer Camp, where those who attend learn music from the show. The music created by Lin-Manuel Miranda, is amazing with the Colombian, South America styles. Of course the top song is "We Don't Talk About Bruno." This week I came across 2 arrangements on music notes, which is great for a beginner and early intermediate.

The first one is from PianoSSam, from musicnotes, where the composer created a Beginner arrangement that has the note names. This will help who know most of the notes on the staff from Bass C (2nd space) to Treble D (4th line). PianoSSam created an arrangement to help students be successful, having the notes names that maybe students don't know yet. You might have to work with them on some of the rhythms, yet the students will love to play this song. Here is the link:

Check out the YouTube I created.

The second arrangement is by Jennifer Eklund, from pianopronto. The early intermediate arrangement is an abridged version of the song, yet worth learning to play and teach. The song is written in the key of C, yet she includes several extra chords that are not in the key of C. She includes fingering options and dynamics. This arrangement is on musicnotes also.

Here's the link:

Here's the YouTube:

As a teacher, I'm trying to find way to motivate students and at this point students are definitely into Encanto. What are some of your other favorites songs from the movie? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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