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Winter Piano Songs

Last week was our students returned to lessons after three weeks off. We had tons of fun reviewing notes on the Grand Staff, rhythms and learning some winter songs. Just wanted to share some new winter songs that I obtained for this year and hope that they will inspire you and your studio.

First Winter's Snow by Martin Ceullar, a teacher and composer from Emporia, Kansas. He is a new composer to me, yet while I was picking up the song at our local music store, one of the employees and friend shared that she knows Martin Ceullar and loves his music. This song is from FJH Publishing and is considered Late Elementary. states: This is a splendid, late elementary solo that really paints a picture of the first snow of the season-- quiet, serene and peaceful. This piece is a real beauty!

I would agree. The melody flows as the winter snow falls upon the ground, while the Bass Clef is mostly in fifths, a couple sixths. This fun and easy song for a student to learn comes with an incredible duet. Very worth having in your collection.

Another great song that I've obtained is by Kevin Olson called The First Snowflake. This Elementary song is another great song to have for the winter time. The melody is sweet and delicate, as it's played an octave higher, also with a duet. The song is perfect in playing hands together that help with coordination. Kevin Olson writes the song helping students use the damper pedal in a successful way. Plus you can help students play with a legato style. If you're looking for a delightful song this winter, please consider this song as an option.

What about a popular Disney song that describes winter so well? Why yes I'm talking about Do You Want to Build a Snowman? from Disney's Frozen. This popular song is always being played and sung when the weather gets colder. The selection is from Faber and Hal Leonard Music in Fun Time Piano Disney Level 3A-3B. I will say that this new arrangement is fun to play with the different dynamics to the extreme of pp as a echo. This selection is in the Key of G major, where the left hand tends to stay in a G position, yet the right hand is moving in a flowing way all around the keys. Will say that I really love this arrangement of the song. Hope you will consider it as an option for you students.

The last song for now is one of my favorites called Softly Falling Snow by Mary Lear. that I've had for many years. This Late Intermediate song always gets me every time I play and teach it. The song is in the Key of E, yet has other accidentals that will get the audiences attention. The original song includes ascending and descending scales, which are beneficial for any musician. The song really paints a clear picture of the snow falling upon the ground in just a gentle way, while the music helps students learn ledger lines in the Treble Clef. The B section goes to a G Major section, with the tempo going even faster. This selection is really worth checking out and having.

Hope these selections excite you about the winter time. What are some of your favorite winter songs that you like to teach? Are you doing anything to celebrate the winter season? Would like to know. The first three selections are new piano solos for me this year. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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