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Bingo Piano Review Game

During the Christmas break I had a moment of inspiration to create a Bingo game and I ran with the idea. I researched options on how to create one that would look fun and easy to put together for Early to Late Elementary students. What appeared to be the best way was through Canva, an amazing tool for marketing and even creating games. What a blessing.

Print off the games and cards (laminate if you want too), review the musical terms with the pictures and play Bingo. It's that simple. You can give each student a card and they have to find the item on their card, maybe play regular Bingo by "calling out the term" and have them put an object on the square, the possibilities are endless. Hope you like the idea that will reinforce beginner piano symbols and terms. Here is the link:

What are you creating this year that's "beyond yourself" in a good way? Would like to know. Thanks for your support.


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