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Jolly Old St Nicholas Piano Quartet

Wanted to share a quick arrangement of an Early Elementary version by Phillip Keveren from the book Christmas Piano Ensemble Level 1 through Hal Leonard. This very basic arrangement includes 4 parts. The video consists of me playing each of the parts seperately and then I sent the videos to my friend who put all the of the parts together. I'm really excited about hearing what Keveren's song sounded like together. Currently I have a family who is supposed to play this for the Christmas event.

The one page arrangement includes quarter, half and whole notes, where Keveren shared how to play the four parts and make it sound work well. You can try 4 people at one piano, 2 at 2 pianos or 4 at 4 pianos. I'm anticipating working with my two students and having the parents join in for the event. This song will be a great "risk" with amazing results.

What are some risks you're trying with duets, trios, quartets and more? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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