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Simple Backdrops

Wanted to take a moment to share how quickly you can create backdrops for acting events. Today our students are doing music from The Nightmare Before Christmas and wanted you to see the pics and how simple it was to make these backdrops.

First of all the moon and mountain part was created by my wife using poster board, which I found at the Dollar Tree. She did very well. The pumpkins were a template I found online that I printed off with orange paper and laminate. The black table clothes came from the Dollar Tree, that used duct tape and put them on large plastic plumbing PVC pipes. The PVC pipes were premade by my church and donated this year to our studio.

This stone wall backdrop is from the Dollar Tree, taped to the large tubbing. The letters I found from the purplepumpkinblog. Check it out. Once I printed them off, I laminated them. very easy to put together.

As an added bonus, our friends let us borrow Jack and Sally props. What a blessing.

Hope this inspires you to create simple backdrops. How do you do? Would certainly like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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