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Simple to Early Intermediate Christmas Piano Music

Everyone in the music world knows that even though Halloween hasn't come, we're starting to select Christmas music for our piano students. This year I'm a bit later than usual, as I try to start looking at the beginning of October. LOL. Always wanting to try to figure out the best options for students. Yet wanted to share four options to consider for your students, that I arranged. The first three are fairly easy to play hopefully in a couple settings.

The first selection is a short arrangement of Dance of the Reed Flutes by Tchaikovsky, from the Nutcracker. The song is for a student who is learning some of the notes on the Grand Staff, plus the song has 2 part harmony. How fun.

The second song is Frosty the Snowman, where I took the melody and made it in a one page selection. Had to adjust some of the higher sounds to keep the music close to each other, yet still recognizable. I even added the note names who might need some help and some eighth notes.

The third song is Rudolf, a popular song in our student. Everyone wants to learn how to play the song about reindeer who special gift/talent saves Christmas. Always loved that story. The melody is simple and flows well.

The last one is a favorite carol of mine: Go Tell it On the Mountain. The story is the best about how the angels came to "lowly" shepherds to tell the great news of Jesus' birth. This jazzy arrangement is filled with great dynamics, chords, syncopated rhythms that will get the audiences attention and possibly a showstopper. Please consider this fun arrangement as an option for your next Christmas event.

When I get a chance, I'll be creating YouTubes to help. What are some of your favorite Christmas songs? Do you arrange for your students? If so, what? Thanks for your support. Blessings.

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