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Wunderkeys Halloween Piano Games

It's one of the favorite times of the year in the studio, as we will start Halloween piano games. Over the many years of teaching, I've collected various games for fall and Halloween, which the students love. Yet this year I found 3 new games to add to the studio from Wunderkeys. These games are great for student who are learning notes on the staff and piano keys. You can use these as a coloring sheet or print them off on orange paper, laminate, cut out and have the students identify what the notes are on the staff from Bass C (second space) to Treble G (second line). These cards have cats and bats with the note names and the piano key on the other piece. Looks like a fun way to know the notes on the piano well. This last is great with clothes pins or have the student put candy on the correct note of the Treble or Bass clef.

Did you find any new Fall or Halloween piano games? If so, what are they? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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