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Peter Rabbit Movie

A few years ago Peter Rabbit came out as a movie to share about the adventures of Peter, Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton Tail and Cousin Benjamin. Our kids are obsessed with the film, that I bought it for our daughters birthday. They really like the comedy and animation.

As an acting teacher, the film certain has a lot of physical comedy, a technique that requires focus and stamina. The actors usually are talking to "air, nothing", which can be a bit odd, yet it's possible to work on. With improv games of imaginary objects, the student is able to create a story that is believable to the audience. Also physical comedy helps the actor or actress when they step on a rake, trap or pretend that "rabbit" is fighting them, without getting hurt. The fight

scene with Mr McGregor and Peter Rabbit in Bea's studio is hilarious. They had a blue rabbit designed as a prop to help everyone who was working on the film. Yet they also had a person in a blue suit who was controlling the rabbit prop to make the scene feel real.

Our family really likes this film so much, that is makes us laugh every time, no matter how many times we watched it. If you haven't seen the film, check it out. The story is done very well and great for the family to enjoy.

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