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Syncopated Sam

At the beginning of the year, I came across a piano duet called Syncopate Sam by Martha Mier, through Alfred Music. The duet is actually uses two pianos, which is great when the first keyboard we obtained is used during the lessons. Need to find more ways to incorporate the first keyboard.

When I first heard the song, I was hooked and very impressed by the music. Martha Mier's song is in the key of C, yet utilizes many accidentals that bring out jazz and ragtime. Each part has amazing melodies and harmonies that will get your students and those who hear may want to tap their toes, even move around a bit.

When I found this song, I knew exactly who the song was for. When I showed him the song, he became wide eyed and was really excited about the song and what we could both learn. The opportunity for us, was making sure that the student needed to be aware of the eighth rest at the beginning of each phrase. We did some activities to help him succeed at it. The goal is to have the student and I create a video to share the fun in the song. I'm anticipating amazing work and fun to be shared.

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