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I Need Thee Every Hour

Here is another hymn arrangement that has been ministering to me while in quarantine. I Need Thee Every Hour by Robert Lowery, is an incredible reminder of how much we need God everyday. The arrangement through Piano Pronto by Christina Mathis is filled with a the precious and sacred melody that will lift your spirits in times of uncertainty.

The arrangement is in the key of F, yet it starts with an ascending C scale that includes a set of 5 and 6 sixteenth note set (as each set represent 1 beat) to be included in the scale. What a great opportunity to continue working on scales. The rest is very calm and relaxing, leading into an incredible array of color and texture that will make you and those listening stay attuned to what is coming next.

The second verse puts the melody in the left hand, while the right accompanies the tune in a delicate manner. The dynamics added into the chorus the second time is written to remind us that importance of needing God everyday. The gorgeous ending, with the ascending G chord adding an A into the arpeggio, using 16th notes, the molto ritardando and the chord at the end let those who hear know that we will always Need Him Every Hour.

This selection is great for later intermediate and early advanced. What a treat to play such a calming selection, while we pray to God that He will help us everyday. He is the one we must rely on. Hope you enjoy this song and definitely be sure to obtain a copy of this great song for your students and yourself to find true peace in a world of confusion and isolation.

Thanks for your support. Blessings. Stay safe and healthy.

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