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Sounds from Below

Daniel McFarlane is one of the many incredible composers that the student love to play. They are always begging for more songs from him. Daniel's music always sounds like movie soundtracks, which are relatable to the students. His website is filled amazing music from early beginners to advanced. Really love the variety of music he creates.

The song called the Sounds From Below is a great song that makes anyone think they are at the bottom of the ocean, filled with sounds we don't experience on land. The copy I have is in A minor, yet it's mostly available in C minor. In the A minor version I really like the left hand sounds using A and E, plus the melody in the right hand brings out the tones in the Bass Clef. The song is easy to learn in a few settings, which is fun while teaching online.

If you're looking for something fun for your to learn while doing online lessons, please consider this song as an option. The students will truly love the sounds that are 2 octaves below how the song is written. In fact Daniel McFarlane states, "uh oh, you woke something up and it's not happy." Definitely check it out.

Thanks for your support. Blessings.

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