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Mother's Day Script

Happy Mother's Day to every mother and women alive. No matter if you have children or you are a mentor, thanks for all you that you do. I can say that I'm so thankful for my mom, as she continues to support and love her children very well. Plus my incredible aunts, cousins, friends, coworkers and colleagues in my life who have been great role model. Thanks.

Here is an excerpt from a play script called Mother's Day, where two siblings are pouring the ashes of their mom into the ocean. Davon and I made it work as two brothers. The story points out that no matter what we do a mother will always love us and that all mothers help their children become who they were created to be. Even if one of them wants to still rebel as an adult. The video includes a blooper, yet that's what makes the script so funny. Hope you enjoy the excerpt from Edith Tarbescu.

Thanks for your support and hope you have an amazing Mother's Day. Blessings.

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