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Jumanji The Next Level

First of all, I have to admit that I love watching movies, mostly kids shows, yet really enjoy times to watch a movie that doesn't have cartoon characters. In the past 2 weeks a friend found out that we watched the newer version of Jumanji and decided to let us borrow their movie from 2019. The first movie was so funny, we couldn't stop laughing and we were told that the second one is even better. So we watched it and to be honest, the film was off the charts funny. Yet I will say that it is a vulgar film, which I'm not a fan of. Maybe that's why I prefer mostly cartoons. That's just me.

What I want to share from an acting stand point with the movie is how they took real life people's characteristics and place them in the film. Don't want to spoil the movie if you haven't seen it. The story is one of the high school kids rebuilds the Jumanji video game and the group of kids turn into their Jumanji characters. Well sort of. Some of the get a bit mixed up at the beginning, including the Grandpa (Danny Devito) and his "friend" (Danny Glover). All of a sudden Kevin Hart talked exactly like Danny Glover with the slow, lethargic speech and Dwayne Johnson begins out as Danny Devito. Over time, the four main characters come back to their "original" character in the first film. The whole film was suspenseful in a good way, knowing that everything is working out for good, yet still enough to make our family go, what just happened?

I was mesmerized by how the "characters" took the persons real life character, how they talk, move, handle life; based on observation. What a genius and creative idea to have the main characters be a real life version of a real persons life, attitudes, beliefs. When I teach acting, this inspires me to help others succeed even more. Makes me want to learn more of how to teach that type of acting, where you really interact with a person so much that you can imitate them in an amazing way.

Again, if you haven't seen this film know that the film has more cussing than what I enjoy. Hope this film inspires you as an actor to learn new creative ways to empower others to become who they are supposed to be.

Thanks for your support. Blessings.

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