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Animal Alphabet Memory Match Game

Over the past 9 1/2 years of teaching piano, it's always a blessing to find games for beginning students learning and understand the staff. One of the games I've had for a while, yet pulled it out during the summer and I'm still using even now is from It's called Animal Alphabet Memory Matching Game. It focuses on notes on the Grand Staff of the Bass Clef G (4th space) up the Treble G (2nd line). The game comes with the staff notes, plus it comes with really cute pics of animals from A-G, that are designed to captures students attention. Really love the game.

Here are the instructions to the game that Susan created. Please consider this game if you don't already have it to help students succeed. You and the students will really love this game. What are some of your favorite games for beginners on the staff? Would love to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


  • The object of the game is to match the alphabet letter to the correct note on the staff.

  • Open the PDF in the latest version of Adobe Reader.

  • Print the first page on card stock.

  • Re-insert the first page into your computer and print on the back. (You might need to practice how to print on the back using scrap paper.) There is a tutorial in my FAQ page about how to print on the back of PDF documents.

  • Laminate the cards for durability. Cut them along the dotted lines.

  • Place the cards face down in a 4 x 4 grid as shown above.

  • The first player turns over 2 cards. If they match he keeps them and takes another turn. If not, it is the second player’s turn.

  • The second person continues in the same way.

  • The player with the most cards wins.


  • To identify the names of notes located around middle C.

  • To improve visual memory skills.

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