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80's Camp YouTubes

Last week was a blast with the 80's Camp, which is still affecting me how quickly the camp worked out as a last second option. I'm so blessed beyond measure to help serve other with vocals and choreography. Everyone who participated worked very hard learning all the moves, small groups of singers, doing some basic harmonies. I was overwhelmed in a good way. Thanks again.

Here are videos of the music we sang and danced to. The participates from ages 6-adults worked from Monday-Thursday 1-3 pm CST and reviewed the show for 30 minutes, took a short break and then did excerpts from the show, before the performance on Friday at 2 pm CST. I'm so proud of the work.

We did a Girls Medley and the guys did choreography to Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Ashley. Yet I don't have a video of that. I'll ask around. LOL.

Is it perfect? Are the video qualities the best? No and I'm good with it, since everyone had tons of fun. Thanks again. Hope you enjoy the videos. Thanks for your support.

What is something "bigger and beyond yourself" that you have done with your students? How have you been stretched in a good way to help others be successful and fulfill their ultimate potential? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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