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Arabesque No. 1 by Claude Debussy

I'm so excited to share that after a year and a half of learning Arabesque No. 1,the video is now available. This has been a great song to learn and of course, I still desire to learn how to play the music faster. Yet for me, this is a start. Perhaps you think a year and a half is a long time to work on a musical selection, yet other factors occur, including life, family, teaching, moving, accompanying, summer camps, playing at my church, and gigs take higher precedence. However, this is a milestone for me.

The piano solo written by Debussy is a gorgeous selection, as he originated "impressionistic for the piano". The phrase refers to music that affects and moves the atmosphere, moods, and emotions of music. The Romantic Composer created a song that would change his style forever. Arabesque is one of his earliest compositions, allowing for more growth and change in his later compositions. He utilizes triple over duple or vice versa throughout No. 1. Dynamics, various tempo changes, a modulation in the B Section, accidentals make this piece so elegant, delicate, and graceful. His use of the entire keyboard is so evident throughout the piece, plus includes times when the pianist is either playing two Treble or Bass Clefs throughout the song. My goal is to improve on this selection so much that I'm able to play it fluidly and increase the tempo. Yet I'm so humbled to reach a mile mark with his selection. Perhaps I should learn No. 2, however, that will have to wait as I'm working on other projects at the moment.

As always I appreciate your support. I'm humbled and honored that you find time in your busy schedule to listen to the music and read my blogs. I'm overwhelmed in a great way. Again thanks. What is something that you're doing that's bigger than yourself? I would like to know. Blessings.


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