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Do Re Mi Song

One of the songs I'll be accompanying for a school starting next week is the song Do Re Mi from the Sound of Music. That reminded me of a coloring sheet I created many years ago with pics of the solfège. So this week I taught Do Re Mi to some of my younger kids using the coloring sheet, as a visual to understand the solfège words. I played the songs 3 times while they colored some of the images and what they didn't get done, I asked them to color this week, bring back to their lesson. I'm really excited to share an iconic song that is recognized when the first phrase begins. The song created by Rogers and Hammerstein, sung by Julie Andrew in the movie adaption of the broadway musical, where Mary Martin originally sang the song.

Plus this provides a teacher an opportunity to teach the entire solfège scale and how intervals works. I'm really looking forward to sharing Do Re Mi song to the kids next week.

Here is the link for the sheet that you can print off and use anyway you like to teach. Hope it helps.

Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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